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I often go by Millie.


I am a storyteller from Hanoi, Vietnam. My wonders are currently based in Chicago, USA where I am pursuing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Theatre at Loyola University Chicago.


My world is fragments of Vietnamese and English-their different words, syntax and cultural values in between. Being a Vietnamese third culture kid, I began learning both my languages through conversations and stories. I am fascinated by fragments of time because they are the form my memories take. Recalling and exchanging our memories can lead to discovery, questions and reflections. I believe that stories are the first and most accessible step to human growth and connection. Through myriad mediums including writing, theatre, film and photography, I hope to start conversations that will empower youth.


On paper, I am Lê Minh Hà. On YouTube and other platforms, I was under the name numbnuttt. I've decided to take on flowersandfilm to incapsulate all that, within my abstraction and curiosity.


Perhaps you'll stay a while.

// hey.flowersandfilm   gmail.com