Updated: Sep 8, 2018

we are in love

and it is the best and worst thing that can happen

it is a countdown, even when we’re not apart

we wait as months become weeks and weeks become days, hours, minutes, seconds until you’re here or i’m there

i am not the person you met late May

nor are you the you of August days

and we are strangers of December’s breeze

love fluctuates

love jumps

love twirls then races

love laughs, and hides and screams

love sleeps

sometimes, love rests

that is the truth

you are my whole world

perhaps i’ll always be afraid of saying that

what spontaneous luck

it is exciting to see you grow

and both of us grow and change together

growing without growing apart

or changing without it scaring the other person

i guess that’s all i wish for

this eternal disarrangement, this comfort, this warmth, you and me

what i would choose to not lose this

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