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the only person here

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

you speak much, but do you share

vì mình thấy một cuộc sống đông người khá rare

and when i was 19, i did a backflip and flipped the right side of my nose

because i forgot i was 19, and that my limbs now weigh of creative deceit

and conversational fraud

and sentimental hypocrisy

and as much as i see stories in smartphone photo albums

and catch up coffees

and home cooked family trees

i stay awake this late because it makes me feel like i am the only person here

and i wake up, when no one’s home

or i stay in bed until they leave

và rồi mình kêu cách không ai hiểu suy nghĩ

dù i prefer drinks alone, and hate when they define me

i hold onto both sides of one wishbone

wishing i’ll find someone who’ll catch the bird, boil the bird, eat the bird

and bring the bone i wished to me

và rồi minh share but we’re just turning scrapbooks of who we were

into who we are

and we’ll deny it if someone sees

because god forbid if someone sees

the love we never got and thought, and started with it’ll never be

you’ll never see me, let alone leave me

we’ll never breathe the pictures we drew when we were little

and i always knew what i wanted

until i had it in my hands

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