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paper plane

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

i like watching the sky

it’s shy burnt orange kisses

a concrete high way that makes you want to run and run and never stop

i don’t remember a time the clouds beamed brighter

i like walking

past lights that wave hello like goodbyes don’t have to come

and if you focus enough on the bubble shadows

for a split second, maybe they don’t

but tomorrow’s wearing its coat of fuzz

and tomorrow will come

even when these streets smell of stay

say we do see August, say we don’t

i question why i even care

when in this light, the ticking stops

and we are far away

today i’ll watch the broccoli carpet from above

through rosebud shades again

stained corners of your curled lips

the sleepy murmurs carved for later on

i like days spent with you

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