fragment one six one seven

on today’s daily dig up of the past: a pretty accurate representation of my teen years:

the only cafe chain (so it seemed) that i go to, but at its other prettier location; the same couch for hours; water, a caramel macchiato AND jasmine green milk tea; a flower freckled backpack; a new laptop (that i didn’t pick for myself) because my old one finally crashed; a pepper cardigan over a sweater over a dress (because arm hair is taboo); bangs and half curly half straight layered virgin hair; probably 8 tabs opened at once on said laptop; my best friend sitting opposite me; the seeds of our new project as first time theatre makers; a new virgo boy (not pictured) beside me whom 17-year-old me was certain i was going to marry; A Levels; the five undiscovered drunken stages; eyes nervously glued to my screen though they are fully aware that this moment is being captured and hoping the new media interviewee does a sweet job (so i can look back on this time in 4 years and reflect.)

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