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ba và khu vườn ngoài sân

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

to write of love

of maple tree make-believe intimacies

to want so much you don’t know why you want so much

is often to forget

moments as simple as vì sao

“ba tự hào về con”

i know of a man

and he is the kingdom we all could be

he is loud

but there are things even he cannot say out

“just try doing”

cause he knows,

oh he knows

and he makes sure that i know

that not every man can be the forest we write about

so he stays quiet

he does and he shows

he even throws the nastiest syllables when he can

but every shovel i’ve eaten

and every bit of dirt he’s given

is the canopy over me

he lets the light peekaboo just enough

for the birds to gleam and whistle

and for the trees to hum

how he loves me

and only when i sing along

does he fully hand me the scrapbook he’s kept

of the flower that i am

mình biết về ba và khu vườn ngoài sân

the one he waters and trims

and decorates

the one he never speaks of until new years day

when the pink cherry blossoms beam

when he knows

that he has loved

the garden that he sees


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