circles in my mind

it's 1:55am,

i tend to make lists when i get stuck so here are the things i know to be true:

- i feel stuck

- i can't tell whether i am growing or not

- i miss performing

- i space out a lot these days

- i wish i was better at using proper tech equipment

- i wish i knew how to use a camera properly

- i wish i wasn't as hesitant as i currently am to start learning more

- i want to step beyond what i know, but i keep enjoying its warmth

- i am very competitive, and i have a hard time admitting it

- this is making my mental health worse

- i wish i wasn't so competitive, i wish i didn't compare myself to everyone so much

- i really want a strawberry cream cheese danish delight right now

- i wish i didn't have to worry about money as much as i do

- i wish i was able to focus on art earlier, i think that's what i like

- i am very worried about the near, and distant future

- i feel okay, and not okay all the time and i hate that

- i wish i knew what i was really good at, i sometimes don't like being a chameleon

- i kind of want to add a comment section to these posts, thoughts?

- i can't recall my favourite thing about today

- i don't feel much these days

- i keep worrying about the same untrue things

- i'm so grateful and i don't want to mess things up

- i "don't" a lot of things

- i don't want people to get worried about me, i just want to put this here

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