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quá khứ có nghĩa gì khi đã là quá khứ?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

sometimes i look at who i was and knew and where i used to be, and it’s like a play—

like something i made up to be real,

rather than something that actually inhabits the realness that i am in

the thing is, i understand:

that these different instances come into my life to teach me something;

about myself, about the realness around me and what shatters it

and this isn’t even to say that i am particularly haunted by any specific pasts at this present

but now that i’ve seen and unseen them, what am i supposed to do?

what happens when you recall things and when you don’t?

do they still exist somewhere out there? in some other realness that isn’t mine?

what is that realness if it isn’t the one i call home?

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