strawberry fragments | poems by Minh Hà (Millie) Lê

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

For my parents.

I am fascinated by fragments of time, partly because they are the form my memories take. Being a Vietnamese third culture kid, I live and communicate in fragments of Vietnamese and English-their different words, syntax and cultural values in between. My surroundings are so intriguing, because for me, they do not ever fully make sense. Things are mapped out in metaphors, excessive alliteration, nouns as verbs and verbs as nouns.

This abstraction is how I’ve been navigating my language and ideas. I’ve found poetry to be a safe yet challenging space for growth. I write to understand, to love and to share the world I’m learning to know.

So hi there, I’ve decided to publish my first poetry collection: strawberry fragments. Like the fragments we’ll find in our lives, strawberries can look sweet yet are rather more tart. But there is a sweetness we can find. I am learning to understand and share the sweetness I find.

And here’s what I’ve been seeing.

strawberry fragments
Download PDF • 218KB

🍓I’d love to know what you feel. Happy reading!

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