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sunday spaghetti

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

limbs heavier with i’ve missed you

but she still smelt same of mum

of sunday spaghetti

and soft yellow curves hello

meo ơi mẹ bảo

meo đâu rồi?


me out when i say i am mad

when i am up to my ears in take me home

sides ways

walking wondering why we were walking

talking nonsense to impress

how i am sorry when i am too loud

and that you can’t listen

though you try

but you do see

when i quiet away

you always see

even when you don’t

and when i don’t somehow

you are still there

now that i’m here

i juggle peace

with the way i miss squeezing words between your sentences

the tv screen spoke

you still wanted me there

perhaps you were the first juggler

i miss napping

and the way you let me dream past dinner time

and breakfast

and lunch

simply because i looked too happy to wake

perhaps you even sensed i wasn’t happy

the way you knew i craved potato soup

you are mum afterall


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