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sunday spaghetti

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

limbs heavier with i’ve missed you

but you still smelt same of mum

of sunday spaghetti

and soft yellow curves hello

meo ơi, mẹ bảo

meo đâu rồi?

yet you didn’t hear me when “con chỉ thế thôi”

when i was up to my ears in take me home

“why we are talking nonsense to impress?”

và “con không muốn hiểu tiếng việt”

điều đặc biệt

là you are the person i’ve been with the longest

yet it is you who has taught me the most about being away

now that i can’t stay i juggle peace with the days i miss

squeezing words between your sentences as the tv spoke

and napping

and the way you let me snug past dinner time

and breakfast

and lunch

simply because i looked too happy for our sunday

perhaps you did know i wasn’t okay

the way you knew some days called for mì spaghetti


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