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sunnyside avenue

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

it was closing night

and i thought about that photo i never got with you

too timid were we to think of months from then

when there would be a different pre-show bliss

kisses through zeros

pillow letters

and then where will we be

it’s a paradox really

being away

when i say the walls of my lungs breathe alive

i blink twice with thoughts of you

tried have we not to enjoy this

these places right steps take

there’s no trying to need

yet it’s hard to not wish you were around

you rhyme with my emotions

not because you laugh at my not so jokes

but because you let me giggle til my vision turns blue

and then ask me to explain

and i’ll walk on sunnyside avenue

pretending the smell of my scarf

isn’t the closest thing to you

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