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ten things i told myself on april tenth

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

  1. admitting things, especially to yourself, is scary, but it isn’t something you cannot do

  2. you are a magical realist, and that is the best thing about you

  3. dissociation is okay; your mind and sense of reality have been through a lot

  4. you have one of the best support systems to exist, and as often as you can, make sure they know that

  5. feeling is good, and you are really good at feeling so don’t hold yourself back from getting to know your feelings - listen to them, talk to them, or just sit with them, and when they are ready, help them be what they need to be

  6. your gut always tells the truth, and you know that

  7. you are intelligent and do not think otherwise, because everything that you are praised for, you’ve achieved with your curiosity

  8. you are so beautiful

  9. there are already people who love you and they are the clearest example, other than you very existence, that you deserve the kind of love you that write about

  10. what do you need?

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