what i know to be true

if you could describe this trip around the sun in three words, what would they be?

what have you accomplished? 

what will you?

what's brought the most joy?

what new habits have you acquired?

what are you grateful for? 

what are you leaving behind?

where were you this time last year? 

where are you now?

cause all i know

is i am here

and i am alive

and not just because i want to be

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an excitement, as they say

my dear—there’s this rumour—“an excitement, as they say” of your damask brocading by my little suit to which they pour us both a fizzy fizz lot “i earned my title thro' a hobby which i’ve got” so you

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you speak much, but do you share vì mình thấy một cuộc sống đông người khá rare and when i was 19, i did a backflip and flipped the right side of my nose because i forgot i was 19, and that my limbs n

to and to not

know just how good it feels to know thyself and just how good it feels to not

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