when we spoke of a right pretense

there are sentences and pretenses, i’ll never understand—

so kiss me at concerts, between books

the way you’re scared to hold my hand

or keep a promise i didn’t ask

for longer than a bike ride strong

and all this is to say—you, could’ve loved me

and i, would’ve let you been wrong

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juniper child

juniper child these moments when the figments of your mind align with an orbiting truth when the sun is ruthless in hugging all that is stained with disobedient chatter or flattered with wind kisses c


no, i might not get you the moon but know that i’ll love you trying

now when i want it

now when i want it when i want it now i want astronomical yet, your, tastefully casual so i understand but and i understand but cause i understand but learning to not have control is something i’ve co