I often go by Millie.

I am a multidisciplinary storyteller from Hanoi, Vietnam currently based in Chicago, USA.


My explorations surround "fragments of time"  because that is the form my memories take. Being a Vietnamese third culture kid, I began learning Vietnamese and English through word of mouth stories and visual conversations. It can feel like scenes from a foreign film with subtitles I'm expected to write myself. I've come to understand these scenes by recreating and putting them in conversation.


Retelling memories next to one another, with their different words and visuals, can unfold the many similarities in their stories. And every story has a medium it is meant to be told through as well as a medium we didn't know it could take. With my concentration in writing and direction, I hope to craft fragments in myriad mediums that will connect new and existing realities.

Perhaps you'll stay a while.