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My name is Lê Minh Hà,
but I often go by Millie

I am a Chicago-based creative director, organizer, and multidisciplinary storyteller. My focus searches the duplexity in all things through creation, curation and conversation.


In 2016, I co-founded FRAGMENTS, a non-profit theatre company in Vietnam's capital, and am now the Artistic Director, Production Director and Playwright. Since 2016, we've produced two original musicals, hosted virtual and in-person open mics, workshops and art campaigns, and in 2020, launched our theatrical podcast FRAGMENTS Unscripted. As of 2023, we are celebrating the digital release of our second Original Musical Soundtrack.

Writing has always been my vehicle for emotional navigation but I let the story itself choose between poetry/prose, theatre, and cinema/video. Kicking off 2023, I created Persona Space creative workshops in hopes of connecting fellow storytellers and to keep myself drafting anew.

Currently, between freelance commissions, editing my documentary, and walks with my film camera, I am an Editorial Assistant at RHINO Poetry


January sun(2021)

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