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I am a Chicago-based creative director, organizer, and multidisciplinary storyteller from Hanoi, Vietnam. When I was 17, I co-founded FRAGMENTS:  a non-profit theatre company in Vietnam's Capital.


My explorations surround "fragments of time"  because that is the form my memories take.


Being a Vietnamese third culture kid, I began learning Vietnamese and English through word of mouth and patchy conversations. I remember my 9th summer like it was yesterday but still piece in new fragments as I retranslate for what people actually said. Life can feel like scenes from a foreign film with subtitles I'm expected to write myself.

That being said, when retelling memories, I prefer to let each story choose the medium it wants to take. My multidisciplinary approach is led by Moment Work: the reconstruction of individual fragments of time. It allows me recreate a memory, then step out of it and observe; to ask what really happened?; to ask how else it wants to be seen?

Seeing a story take different mediums is like testing out different answers; of how humans can be one thing, so many others, and yet also nothing at all. I've been trying to understand that two things can be true at one time. I've been questioning where our minds can go without forgetting we are still watching from our bodies? How can new media be integrated  and not pixelize but make reality even more human? And why are we eager to yet so damn afraid of telling one another how we feel?


Above all else, I am committed to the invitation of conversation: the conversations we have with ourselves and the conversations we have with one another. I am curious about the way people can exist apart when they are together and what would help us come together without picking each other apart. There are so many moments in the paths between creation, curation and conversation. I want to be the kind of director who lives between such moments, questioning the connection/transition from one conversation to another. I hope to craft fragments of time that will connect new and existing realities.


Perhaps you'll stay a while.



Creative Direction

Art Direction

Project Development


Production Coordination

Events/Public Programs Management

Human Resources Management

Scripts Writing & Supervision



Developmental Dramaturgy

Production Dramaturgy

Poetry & Content Writing

Copywriting & Editing

Writing Workshops & Mentorship


Stage Direction

Screen Direction

Set Design & Styling



Website Design

Media Management & Strategy

Adobe Creative Suite





John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

RHINO Poetry

Northwestern University

Epiphany Center for the Arts

Stage Left Theatre

Creative Peaks Studios

The Locket Sisters

Genuinely Jo Photography


Pan is Drawing

​Đại Nam Theater

Victory Gardens Theater

Lookingglass Theatre Company

Diminuendo Literary & Arts Magazine

Asterisk Arts Collective

Loyola University Chicago

RMIT University Vietnam

Vietnam Youth Theater

Chula Fashion House

The Happy Bookshelf

Vietnam National Model United Nations

Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam

United Nations International School Vietnam

Singapore International School Vietnam

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