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happy 3 years

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Happy 3 years to us—to

You look a little different now while I look VERY different now, and somehow you are still the little sketch I made in those 5th grade newspaper editorial meetings.



It’s a fact that I don’t keep you updated or brag about you enough, but we’re getting there. I guess, it’s cause I’m not sure what could be said?

Somedays it’s just a bunch of theatre analysis or poems about things I find alienating or 30 fucking videos in a single month. Sometimes it’s nothing for months on end. I thought making an Instagram account would help figure that out, and a year later, it’s sorta just made me feel oddly “branded”. Sharing videos from YouTube on there comes with a hesitation to mess up the pretty grid of film. And it’s like I want to allow flowersandfilm to be a place of creation, of freelancing even, yet am not sure how much of myself can be a part of that without it being too scary? For myself, and for others. Then again, is any of that really so bad?

If anything, I hope people still go on websites (or blogs, say that is what you end up being) cause your desktop persona is WAY cooler. I still don’t know what you, or I for that matter, are going to be yet. But it’s been real nice to have you around.

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