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a difference in affection

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

i think there’s a difference between liking someone

and liking the way they treat you

or the way you can treat them

a difference in affection

i’m trying to

differentiate affection

holding back the tensions i’ll create because it will just confuse

because it might not be you

but the attention you give me

what if it isn’t the person but the moment to which they belong

and the moment may be yours and yes that but nothing more

but how do we admit that when they sound the way they do

and do they know

can they tell

that we’re recycling our ways the way ways used to work so right

holding the moment so damn tight so close

as if we really wanted it

as if we really knew

i’m sorry i didn’t know

don’t know

and i probably won’t know even when it’s gone

and you said you didn’t mind

won’t mind

and probably don’t mind now it’s gone

because you differentiated affection

you understood the attention

because you actually held back when i was holding you


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