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second star to the right, and straight on til morning

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Dạo gần đây, mình khá là anxious và mỗi khi anxious mình lại lên Hồ Tây. Nhiều bạn hỏi sao mình ở dưới phố, đi bộ 15 phút là gặp Hồ Gươm, mà bây giờ cứ thích lăn lộn lên đó làm gì. mình cũng không biết đi xe máy, barely lái đượcc ôtô nhưng cái việc ngồi đằng sau Grabbike or the ride of whichever mindreading friend who’d offer a trip on that particular day, taps into a newly found sweet spot.

I’ve never understood the appeal of this area of Hà Nội that everyone else seems to buzz about, for personal reasons but also because I already live by two perfectly exciting bodies of water, one even being riiiight opposite my house. But whether it’s its 15km road on which I forget where i am or need to get to by the 7th kilometer, its addictive abundance of different bánh tráng forms and street stalls that sell them, or the way afternoons feel like i can just reach up and hold the sun in the palm my hands, I guess this new pal on the west is slowly letting me understand the kind of stillness they tell me about; one that you can miss even when it’s yet gone.

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