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the knight and her evangeline

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

and in a fever dream i see

a map to evangeline

it’s got museums and first nights over

pinpointed, to be checked

in an order that may apply

a knight, a year or five ago

built brown swing sets for brave toys to play

and the toys found treasure chests for polaroids

of quicksand confessions

and sunday fights at convenience stores

one day

my best friend became someone who could hurt me the most

and i knew the way they liked their maps

ordered their joys

and kept what keeps them up at night

and i left the island

i built a purple swing

to which you bring the way you drink your coffee

the way you like your words to rhyme

the way polaroids remind you that the only you is the one still inside your chest

now that i have all these facts, what am i supposed to do

do i write them down

tuck them in midday lunch boxes for you to find

would you keep a picture of my favourite street in your wallet

and talk about the way i spill food in airport lines

there’s this map to evangeline

that goes through a city of lost toys

and pirate ships of who we used to be

and i let my hair down, grab a helmet

and then you’re here

this is how knights fall in love

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