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timed interactions

it is a thursday

we had said 6

it is 5:30

so i’m a little early

with the thought of

whether i was wasting my time

i’ve been liking me

and this me likes you

the you i don’t question

the you without questions

but answers so strict

i just might choose to stick around

on some other day

in some other world

if we had we met late

we ate, then we’re fucking

but i’m fucking with the different mes and different yous

when they meet

what’s the point in these timed interactions

for eventual detachment

can’t i just fuck without it meaning shit

then i’ll sit and i’ll fuss

for real romantic blushing

but when i see that you want me

or when you’re trying your best

instead of a thank you note

i just clear my throat and say okay

i wish i could stop denying affection

as some sort of self-protection

when the real redirection should be with me

cause i don’t know what i’m doing

or when i started doing

we’re here and i’m saying yes

but i’m watching me say no

but i don’t jump back into my body

i stay on the sideline watching it plummet

because on some other day

in some other world

this works

where i am not early nor late

where i am not so afraid

where i say

please, stay

i wouldn’t mind wasting more time with you


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